About ATCoNet

Tony Turrisi

In October 1998, the owner of ATCoNet Computer Services, Anthony C. Turrisi, got his first computer, a gift after having installed a roof on his brother’s office building. Knowing little about computers at the time, it sat on his desk for a few weeks.

One day the eldest of his three children decided to “teach Dad” all about computers. Though impressed with his child’s knowledge of computers, Mr. Turrisi quickly discovered that the child’s knowledge of the Internet was lacking, and frankly, the Internet could be dangerous to the unfamiliar user.

A responsible parent, Mr. Turrisi decided to “dive in” and learn all he could about computers and the Internet, so as to be able to guide his children’s use of the family computer and to fulfill his personal goal of someday working in the computer industry. He began with some basic books about computers along with the Microsoft Computer Dictionary.

Mr. Turrisi wanted to learn all about computers and the Internet as quickly as possible and he wanted to be able to apply what he studied, but found himself faced with a very technical subject filled with many confusing technical words.

His research into “Self Study” and “Learning Rates” led him to something called Study Technology, which contains the solutions for study confusions. He also saw that there are other Barriers to Learning besides the words used to describe a subject. Mr. Turrisi used Study Technology to quickly learn all about computers.

After mastering the basics, he continued in his studies, in graphics and animations, and then web design and basic computer programming. In just two years after he got his first computer, he began working part time with a successful software company that made a Web design program called Cool Page. He designed and created the official Cool Page support website and handled customer support for the company for 4 years from 2000 – 2004.

During this time, Mr. Turrisi encountered a wide assortment of problems that a personal computer can have and learned how to solve them, while continuing to expand his knowledge of related technologies. In 2004 through 2010, he was presented with the prestigious MVP Award from Microsoft for his contributions and assistance given to fellow computer users in several well known Internet communities. He is currently a Staff Member at WindowsBBS.com, monitoring the Networking and Firefox forums.

Because the majority of Web servers that host websites use Linux operating systems, Mr. Turrisi thought it wise to learn the ins-and-outs of Linux and common server software such as the Apache Web Server, MYSQL database software, the PHP programming language and WordPress blogging/content management software. He became a WordPress expert and creates custom themes and plugins to meet the needs of clients.

Mr. Turrisi has been self-employed since 1977 as a successful home improvement contractor, providing services in his hometown, Reading, Pennsylvania, and from 1986 to the present in Northern Virginia. Today, he still does home renovation work and computer services.

“As a contractor I have had the opportunity to provide quality services for thousands of homeowners.  All too often I have seen technicians do work in homes and fail to fully complete the job. If they installed new cables or wiring they left the holes in the walls and told the homeowner to hire a contractor to repair them. Or their lack of knowledge about home construction forced them to do things in a slip-shod manner, functional, but unsightly. My knowledge and skills of both computer technology and home construction enable me to do it all.” – Tony Turrisi