Patuxent River Park Osprey Cameras

ATCoNet teamed up with Townsend Industries to set up platforms with cameras out on the water at Patuxent River Park in Upper Marlboro, MD. This is a complex system, involving solar panels, wireless receivers and transmitters, state of the art cameras, microphones, weatherproofing and much more.

The system also includes a large screen high definition TV in the Visitor Center, a network video recorder and a dedicated computer used to “push” the high definition stream to the park’s YouTube Live Channel where the nests can be observed in real time. The live video stream also has a 2 hour rewind so unique events can be viewed again.

The channel is off-air during winter months and live again in the spring when the ospreys return from their annual winter migration to South America. Viewers enjoy watching nest building, mating rituals, eggs hatching, feeding and more.

View the Live Streams

Ariel view of Patuxent River Park. (click to enlarge)

June 8, 2018 – Dad flies in with a golden carp to feed his family.

Plans are underway to extend the network with cameras overlooking the beaver pond as well as placing cameras inside the beaver huts at the Black Walnut Creek tributary. (top left of image above)

Osprey Facts

  • The osprey is the only hawk species in North America that eats almost exclusively live fish.
  • It can dive as deep as three feet into the water but prefers shallower areas.
  • When carrying fish back to the nest it will arrange the fish so that it is facing upright, head forward.
  • Ospreys are part of a single species, the exception is the Australian eastern osprey.
  • Ospreys are migratory birds. (The ospreys in these nests winter in South America.)
  • They return to the same breeding area each year.
  • Ospreys often mate with the same partner for life.
  • Ospreys can live to be 15-20 years old.

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